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San Diego Comic con and updates and cool looking cards!

San Diego Comic con and updates and cool looking cards!

So I have to get up in 3 hours to go catch a plane out to California to attend San Diego Comic Con. Which is insanely rad, exciting, and terrifying. I have been slack with updating the site with a few troubles I have been having, but I have loaded a huge buffer up onto the site now.

100 tips will go back to updating every Tuesday and Thursday.

Perfectly Normal Human Being will update Monday,…

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Really cool stick

Updates have been a little bit patchy as I have moved into my new house in Canada, but I am here now, internet is all set up and I have a desk, so life is pretty rad. I live about 20 minutes or so from that castle in Scott Pilgrim, so, that’s something worth writing about, right?

Check out the latest comics I have up, and my first video should be up in the next week or so.

Also, check out this…

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Oh Canada

Sorry about the delays in updates this week, everything has been a bit up in the air lately. I have been in Canada for a bit over 2 weeks now, just got a house with my buds, so that will help make a routine easier. I will have to get my new book ready for sale at san diego comic con, which is going to be insane.

TCAF was amazing, got to meet a fair few people that I have looked up to for comics,…

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TCAF, Canada, and all that jazz

TCAF, Canada, and all that jazz

So I have now moved to Toronto, Canada, this week. This is my first time in the continent and I am going to be living here from now on. I still have a few kinks to fix up on the website, but for the most part everything seems to be working. In the next couple of weeks I will be uploading some videos documented me and my friends travels over here.

The biggest news though, is this weekend I will…

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BUMP THAT BEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!



BUMP THAT BEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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the hungeor

I always perfered white meat


the hungeor

I always perfered white meat

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This weeks 2 new ‘Perfectly Normal Human Being’, and… I type this I realize I spelt my name wrong on these comics and have been doing so the whole time, awesome!

check out the rest at

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So I did a very short talky thing with geek speak as part of Gold Coast Supanova, also on the podcast was Neil Kaplan, voice of Optimus Prime in ‘Transformers: Robots in Disguise’, Veronica Taylor voice of Ash Ketchum, and Eric Stuart voice of brock. Does this actually say anything about me? absolutely not, but I never want to stop getting excited by these things, check it out

Check out more 100 tip fors being Awesome and general Kick-assery over at

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Perfectly Normal Human Being is my new semi autobiography semi jokes and mostly dumb webcomic. It will be updated twice weekly over at

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First two pages for 100 tips for being Awesome, I am going to be uploading two of these a week over at .

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Current tattoo concept, still messy, and I am unsure how my lineart will go in ink

Current tattoo concept, still messy, and I am unsure how my lineart will go in ink

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So this is a comic I’m working on, it’s another biography comic. To be completely honest this is more of a therapeutic piece for myself to help me sort some stuff in my head, but I still want to put it out there for everyone because it helps me come to terms with a few things, also to put some of my stupidity out for the world to see.

Hopefully I will have the finished thing and a couple of comics at Gold Coast supanova and Toronto Comic and Arts Festival, but it will also be made for free online to read.

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Shout out for artists that would like to take part in an art show & anthology all about BEER!

Alright, Here’s The Deal
The Scratch Bar here in Brisbane would like to host an art show featuring original comic pages featuring the sweet nectar of the gods we humans refer to simply as ‘beer’. Submissions for the show will also be taken up until mid-March and can be on anything you like. So long as your comic features beer in some form or another. Comics about cider will also be considered. These pages will also be collected into a book!

The requirements in bullet form!

  • An original narrative comic (sequential art) page in any traditional medium.

  • One to two pages in length.

  • To feature ‘beer’ (or cider).

  • Be at least A5 in size.

  • Hi-res scans be at least 300dpi and emailed to

  • Originals can be delivered to the bar itself or mailed to: PO Box 170, Red Hill, QLD, 4059

  • You will receive a copy of the anthology and can purchase extra copies at a reduced rate.

  • All profits from art sales will be 100% YOURS. The bar takes a 0% commission.

  • Your work must be presentable to be put on display. Meaning it will need to be framed or mounted.

  • Framing or mounting can be organised for you, but will be at your expense.

By submitting your work you understand and assent to your work being printed and sold in the yet to be titled anthology/ book. You retain all creative rights to your work during and after this print run. We just ask you give us first run with it and link to us during the month of the show!

The Long Form Description
The Scratch is a self proclaimed ‘dive bar’ located Park rd, Milton, here in Brisbane. It features rotating taps of craft beer from Australia, NZ & around the world. Not to mention an extensive range of bottled beers. Now in its third year of operation it won the Beer & Brewer Magazine’s ‘Best Small Pub/ Bar’ in 2013. So it’s a quality venue. It’s also where we held the launch party for the ‘Space Pyrates: Collected Edition’ in April last year.

DISCLAIMER: I work there now and still think it’s effing rad.

I was approached by the owners to put together an art show of comics/ sequential art featuring beer. The anthology was my idea though, because, why not? The owners of the bar are big fans of comics and have a history of fostering art communities. Hosting regular art shows on their walls for as long as they’ve been open.

As mentioned, all of the submissions will be collected into an anthology. It will be black & white but don’t let that stop you from doing a colour piece. The book will be sold at the bar and any other participating outlets. Any profits from sales of the book will first go to recouping costs (printing, shipping etc.). After that, all proceeds will go to charity. Which charity they’ll go to is yet to be determined. But it will be a worthwhile one to be sure.

Everyone that submits a piece for the show & anthology will receive a copy of the book. Any extra copies can be purchased for a discounted price. The title of this book is also to determined.

The show will run for about a month. Any money from the original works that are sold go directly to the artist. The bar takes a 0% commission. That’s right, you get 100% of the profit if your work is purchased.

Your work will have to be framed or mounted to be displayed. If you want to frame or mount your piece yourself, go for it! Do it however you want. Really. Mixed framing will actually be a positive look for both the show & the bar. If you would like me to choose options for you, that is something I can do! You will be asked to pay for the costs involved with this though. I’ll be going for the best looking, but money conscious, options available. Rest assured, I’ll use my best judgement and choose framing options to that look good for your artwork & the bar.

That’s it. Go forth and drink! I mean draw! Go, go now!

Any questions? Shoot them through to:

Check the bar out on Facebook or on their website.

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Some dumb things happened to me last year, on a few different occassions, involving different things, I want to write about them, I think I will when I arrive in Canada

Some dumb things happened to me last year, on a few different occassions, involving different things, I want to write about them, I think I will when I arrive in Canada

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